Before moving into any premises, you need to be assured that there is proper and consistent power supply. In the case of an existing property too you need constant and steady electrical access and that all the electrical systems are in a proper working condition. This is where you would need the services of a Level 2 Electrician.

Level 2 Electrician

We at Brain Brothers Electricals are one of the leading companies in this space and have been providing consistently high grade Level 2 Electrician services to commercial and residential customers across the region. We provide a variety of services that include:

    • Repairs of UV-damaged Cables or Damaged Consumer Main Electrical Systems – Sometimes, commercial property owners receive electrical service provider notices informing them that the electrical cabling that runs from the main power lines into their property has become damaged by the sun’s UV rays. This leads to deterioration of the insulation and exposes the copper wiring. We have the expertise to repair these cables.


    • Electrical Installations on New Premises – When a new building is being constructed the power supply has to be connected either from an underground system or an overhead reticulated network. We handle this job and can install all the required metering system too.


    • Electrical Installations on Existing Premises – Our Level 2 Electrician team has the expertise to handle all types of upgrade jobs including replacements of 2 phase meters with 3 phase systems. Aside from this, we are also able to handle new connection and re-connection jobs; if required, we can also relocate the electrical mains and switchboards.


  • Temporary Power Supply- We can provide temporary power connections; this includes removing and installing electrical poles and switchboards, overhead service lines and metering equipment. We also cater to builders that need temporary electrical supply for their projects. 


Why Hire Our Level 2 Electrician Services? 

Regardless of the complexity and scale of the job, we are the experts that can handle every job with expertise and skill. We handle everything ranging from small scale electrical installation, upgrade and replacement jobs as well as complex and specialised jobs such as electrical meter installations. Customers opt for our services because we provide:

  • Reliable and prompt services
  • 100% guarantees for our workmanship
  • High grade materials used in the work
  • Licensed and insured Level 2 Electrician team
  • 24/7 services, emergency electrical services
  • Cost-effective solutions


We work very closely with our customers and adopt a customer-centric approach in all our work. This ensures you get excellent solutions and value for money. We have built a very strong reputation on the basis of our consistently high level services and never cut corners in our work.

If you need any information about our services, simply call Brain Brothers Electricals at this number- 02 9101 4876.  We provide excellent Level 2 Electrician services at very competitive pricing. If you need emergency electrical services, call us and we will respond without delay. For standard requests you can contact us via this online form too and we will respond without delay.