Many modern devices rely on constant connectivity to the Internet and phone lines so these installations have become an integral part of residential and commercial properties. Older properties, especially homes, have a small number of access points and some don’t have them at all. We at Brian Brothers Electrical can help establish an efficient and effective phone line system on your property and will ensure all your connected devices have access to the lines. Our phone line installation and repairs are some of the best in the industry so don’t hesitate to call us and book a visit today!

How Can We Help with Installation?

Most clients don’t realize that phone line installation should be well-planned and executed. Messy installations don’t just look bad, but they also interfere with the performance of the lines and efficiency of data transfer. Our installation process is methodical and well-planned as we have years of experience in this field. Here’s what we do:

  • Understand What You Need the Lines For – Today, phone lines are used for a variety of purposes so it’s essential to consider what the client wants before we plan our installation. For example, the installation for a home office would be different from installation for an entertainment room or a store.
  • Placement – Once we understand what you need the lines for, we determine the best placement for wiring and access points. Our experts will walk through the room with you and mark down areas where you want access to the lines. For example, in an entertainment room, you might want one access near the seating area and one near a smart TV.
  • Wiring Plans – Our next step is to develop wiring plans carefully. We make sure the wiring is discreet and out of the way so they don’t compromise the beauty of your property. Our experts will keep the decor and architecture of your property in mind when they plan wiring to ensure nothing is exposed or visible.
  • Installation – After thorough planning, our installers will arrive on your property on schedule and carefully lay down the wiring and add access points. We ensure your walls and floors aren’t damaged during the installation and the finished look is neat and organised.

How Can We Help With Repairs?

We can handle both phone line installation and repairs so if you experience any problems with connection or if your access points don’t work as they’re supposed to, just give us a call and we’ll handle it.

  • We will assess your existing system and check all points to ensure they work well. If we spot any problems, we’ll recommend great replacements or solutions that would restore connectivity and ensure everything works well.
  • Our electricians will repair all access ports, install fresh wiring wherever needed, and ensure everything is up to modern safety and efficiency standards.

With Brian Brothers Electrical, you can expect honest and upfront pricing, excellent customer service, and high quality phone line installation and repairs so call us today or fill in our contact us form and we’ll get back to you promptly.