Modern residences and commercial properties have a number of electrical appliances and devices and you need a good switchboard and wiring to support them. Switchboards support the power requirements of several appliances at the same time, which is very important because different devices have different demands. For example, your washer and dryer would require different levels of power compared to your television or computer. As you can guess, they’re a very important aspect of your electrical system and we at Brian Brothers Electrical can handle switchboard repairs and replacement for you.

Dangers of Older Switchboards

If you’ve recently purchased an older property or haven’t upgraded your system for several years, you need to consider replacing your old switchboards.  Modern appliances and devices have different power requirements and some of them are very sensitive to surges and other such problems. Older switchboards also don’t live up to modern safety standards and can cause accidents and be a health hazard. Here are some of the common problems associated with older switchboards: 

  • Safety Switches – Older switchboards don’t have modern RCD safety switches that trip when there’s a current leak in the circuit. These switches have proven very effective and have prevented 90% of all fatal electric shocks. Modern switchboards have enough switches to protect your entire system.
  • Fuses– Older switchboards often have fuses. These are illegal because they often cause electrical fires and loose connections can be a hazard. You won’t have to deal with them after we replace your old switchboard with a new one.
  • Presence of Asbestos – Older switchboards have asbestos in them and exposure to this mineral can cause significant health problems. Asbestos is carcinogenic as the released fibres can damage the lung tissue when inhaled.

Switchboard Repairs

Switchboard repairs require personal inspections because it’s not easy to determine what’s wrong with it just by considering the symptoms. Here’s what we do when you call us in for switchboard repairs and replacement

  • Assessment – Our first step is to inspect the switchboard carefully to determine just what’s wrong with it. Most problems originate from loose connections or damaged components so we make sure all connections are secure and all components work well.
  • Recommendations – After the assessment is done, we explain our recommendations to you. Some problems can be repaired easily within a day’s time. In some cases, we need to replace the components or replace the entire switchboard. We always recommend a complete replacement if your switchboard is old because modern switchboards are more efficient and have higher safety standards. We will offer a full quote along with our recommendations so you can plan your budget accordingly.

If you accept our recommendations, we immediately perform the repairs and make sure your system works efficiently. With Brian Brothers Electrical, you can expect honest and upfront pricing, excellent customer service, and high quality switchboard repairs and replacement. So call us today or fill in our contact us form and we’ll get back to you promptly.