Ceiling fans are a popular installation is most warm weather regions in the world and they help keep a room cool and comfortable when the temperature soars. At Brian Brothers Electrical, we’ve handled several ceiling fan installation projects in Sydney and recommend it to all our clients because it can reduce the burden on air conditioning systems. They’re quick, easy and affordable to install and can add a different design element to your room, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t install them.

Advantages of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans provide a wide range of benefits at a very low cost, which is why they’re so popular with our clients in Sydney. Here are some of the most well-known advantages of the fixture:

  • Cooling – When it comes to cooling, a ceiling fan isn’t as effective as air conditioning because it doesn’t actually cool the air. However, it can make the temperature of the room feel cooler by a few degrees under the right conditions. The breeze it generates would cool the sweat on your body and make you feel comfortable.
  • Energy Efficiency – A fan consumes only slightly more energy than a light bulb and the newer energy-efficient fans consume even less energy, which can have a positive impact on your monthly energy bills. You can turn up the thermostat a little and run the fan in order to keep your room comfortable even if the outdoor temperatures soar during summer. You can easily save anywhere between 3% and 8% of cooling costs.
  • Aesthetics – Fans don’t have to look dull and boring. There are a large variety of well-designed and unique fans available in the market that can add to the beauty of your room. For example, some ceiling fans have leaf-shaped blades while others have delicate and beautiful light fixtures in the middle.

Our Ceiling Fan Installation Services

  • Understanding Your Requirements – There’s nothing complicated ceiling fan installation but it’s important to choose the right fan for your room. The size of your room will dictate the size of the fan so if the room is up to 75sqft in size, you’ll need a fan with a blade span of 36” or smaller. For rooms up to 144sqft in size, you need 36” to 42” fan size and for rooms up to 224 sqft, you need 50” to 54” of fan size. We also consider the pitch of the blade and the motor quality when we recommend any products.
  • Installation – Once you’ve chosen your fans, we’ll arrive at your doorstep on schedule to do the installation. Our first step is to assess the existing wiring and switches and make all the required changes to your system. We then make all the changes required to the wiring to have room for fan installation.

The entire installation process doesn’t even take a day if the wiring is already in place. With Brian Brothers Electrical, you can expect honest and upfront pricing, excellent customer service, and high-quality ceiling fan installation so call us today or fill in our contact us form and we’ll get back to you promptly.