Commercial electrical services are vastly more complex and sophisticated than residential installations and not all electrical installation and repair companies can handle such a task. At Brian Brothers Electrical, we have the skill, experience, manpower, and equipment to handle projects of all scales. We’ve been a part of this industry for many years now and have done several repairs and installations in the past so you can be certain we’ll do a good job with your project.

What Can We Do?

We offer a wide range of personalised and customised commercial electrical services so you can call us for almost everything. Our experts will inspect your commercial property, determine what you need, take your suggestions and requests into consideration, and provide a quote based on that. Our experts will work with you to plan the best electrical system installation or repair for your budget and requirements. Here’s a brief introduction to the kind of commercial electrical services we offer:

  • Circuit – We do circuit installation and upgrades for the entire property, including dedicated circuitry for your computer, service, and data storage systems. Our experts will plan this well and ensure your system is resilient and can bear the load of all your equipment and devices.
  • Electrical Systems Upgrades – It’s important to upgrade your electrical systems once every few years to ensure it’s healthy and up to modern safety standards. While this can cause downtime and be expensive, it can also help prevent any accidents like fire, shocks, and surges, etc.
  • Electrical Safety Inspections – The electrical systems on commercial properties need to be assessed and inspected on a yearly basis. This would ensure all problems are caught early and repaired before they can cause any significant damage.
  • Green and Energy Efficient Solutions – If you want to save some money on power or want your company to go green, we can install an energy-efficient system on your property and this includes better quality wires, LED lights, more efficient electrical fixtures, and alternative energy sources like solar panels.
  • Exterior Lighting – Exterior lighting is very important in commercial properties because you need to maintain good visibility for your customers at all times. We handle parking lot lighting and repair, landscape, and security lighting as a part of our commercial electrical services.
  • Interior Lighting – In order for your employees to work efficiently, the interior lighting should be bright and comfortable. We can handle lighting design, repair, and installation for you.

Our other services include fire alarm systems, generator repair or installation, intercoms and security systems planning, repair, and installation, new construction or remodel wiring, service and maintenance plans, shock and fire prevention fixtures, smoke detectors installation and repair, surge protection, and wiring upgrades. No matter what your requirements are, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.  

With Brian Brothers Electrical, you can expect honest and upfront pricing, excellent customer service, and high quality commercial electrical services. So call us today or fill in our contact us form and we’ll get back to you promptly.