Emergency Electrical Services

Modern electrical systems are designed with a large number of fail-saves and protections so they don’t malfunction easily. However, regardless of how advanced and sophisticated an electrical system is, malfunctions do occur, and when they do, it’s important to address them as quickly as possible. Ignoring an electrical malfunction can lead to disasters like fire and fatal shocks, which is why you should call us at Brian Brothers Electrical the moment you spot any warning signs of a system malfunction.

What are The Warning Signs?

 It’s always a good idea to take some preventive steps to ensure you don’t face an electrical emergency. Systems that are maintained regularly don’t malfunction often and most problems are identified and repaired early. There are still some signs that you need to lookout for in order to avoid accidents and you should call in our emergency electrical services  if you spot them: 

  • Burning Smells – If any appliance, switchboard, or power outlets emits a burning smell, you need to switch off the power supply to that location and call us for emergency repairs. The burning odour is never a good sign and should be addressed immediately. We also recommend that you don’t use that appliance unless a technician has approved of it.
  • Discolouration – Discolouration is also a sign of malfunction, especially if it’s located around outlets, switches, power points, and cabling. The discolouration might look like a burn mark as well and if you spot it, you need to call us immediately.
  • Flickering Lights – If power supply to your property is consistent, there should be no flickering or blinking lights. If the problem is isolated to just one bulb, you might just need to replace it. But if many lights flicker at once, there might be a fault in the wiring or switchboard and that needs to be addressed immediately. 
  • Power Fluctuations – Power fluctuations can happen sometimes and it’s not usually due to a fault in your electrical system. However, if these fluctuations happen too often and other properties in your neighbourhood don’t experience the same problem, you need to call us. This can be a sign of worn down or faulty wiring and that’s always dangerous. 

Our Emergency Services 

We offer prompt, 24/7 emergency electrical services so you can call us at any time of the day or even during weekends and we’ll respond. We always have someone manning the phone lines so there won’t be any delays in receiving your call. Our technician will recommend steps you need to take to ensure you and other people on the property are safe while they direct an expert to your location.

Our experts are dispatched immediately and they have all the equipment they need to handle the problem on hand. They’ll arrive at your location as quickly as they can and perform their repairs efficiently. They won’t consider their job done until they’re absolutely certain your electrical system is safe to use again.

With Brian Brothers Electrical, you can expect honest and upfront pricing, excellent customer service, and high quality emergency electrical services. So call us today or fill in our contact us form and we’ll get back to you promptly.